17 reasons to watch Underwear on Netflix

I’m gonna cut straight to the chase and list 17 reasons for you to watch the dorama “Underwear” (aka “Atelier“) on Netflix.


Image by Netflix via IMDb.


It portrays:

1) A young professional woman in her first job after college;
2) A businesswoman who opened her own business and runs it at the expense of her own personal life;
3) An optimal workspace (Emotion), where there’s no sexism or discrimination, and women that stand for others when sexism happens in the outside world;


Image by Netflix via IMDb.

4) “Women’s” interests without calling them futile or irrelevant;
5) Conversations between women that are not centered on a male subject or romance;
6) Respect to craftsmanship;


Image by Netflix via IMDb.

7) Respect and care for elderly women (geishas!);
8) Male romantic interests that are not sexist, and are also real fragile/vulnerable human beings;
9) A young woman who was raised by her father;
10) A woman who didn’t raise her son and punishes herself for that (and an ****amazing**** 20-minute long scene of a conversation between them, that has this amazing shot of the back of Nanjo’s head when her son accuses her of… OH, wait, no spoilers!);


Image by Netflix via IMDb.

11) Respectful and humble men;
12) The dichotomy of beauty and comfort;
13) Women for who they are, what they think, and feel, instead of what they look like or how they are related to men in their lives;


Image by Netflix via IMDb.

14) A culture different from ours;
15) Female-to0female mentoring;
16) Friendship between men and women;
17) Friendship between women.

The truth is that you only need one reason to watch it and I’ll lay it on you: it is really good.


This feminist approves Underwear.